No news is… good news?

On these 2 pictures you can see some work progression. Really? Yes, if you know where to look! I was working on the flower on the right. In the bottom. Working on the shadows.

I am STILL waiting for news from the place I would like to rent to make my vernissage. It is taking forever for them to tell me if I can rent or not and all this is making me nervous. I sent my demand in Janurary. I have called back and went to ask them if it was a yes or a no and they keep answering that they haven’t sat down to discuss it yet. They told me 2 weeks ago that they were meeting on the Friday and that I would get my answer soon. Yet it has been a good week since then and… nothing! It’s just that if it does not work there, it would be nice to know soon, then I could try and find another place that fits my exhibit. It is complicated to find the proper place to do it. My main painting is 40 feet long. So I need a wall of at least 40 feet long with no steps or doors in it. And there will be an installation with a grand piano. So I need a space that has enough room to fit that too. And since there will be a piano recital the night of the vernissage, the space needs to have good acoustics. And I really want to do my vernissage in November. It has been 4 years since my last one, so I believe it’s been long enough! I also already know what my next series will be about, so as soon as I finish these paintings, I am totally ready to start the new series… and start a new adventure.

The next series will be totally different. I will be working on portraits. I actually have 10 to paint! I have not painted any portraits in some time, so I will definitely need to make a couple of essays before jumping in. Also, the treatment will be different. I am now working in an hyper realistic rendering, yet this portrait series needs to be more “impressionist,  in a kind of “flou artistique”.

The series will depict the four year period where Robert Schumann and Clara were writing to each other but not seeing one another. They were in love, so they were thinking about each other all the time. Yet, when you think about someone, the memory of that person is never a clear image. There is a “flou” around it, it is not possible to imagine as clearly as looking at a photograph. The paintings will represent these memories. So I can’t paint them in a hyper realist way. Yet it gets me nervous to have to go in the impressionist path. Now that I have learned the Old Master’s painting technique and that I know how to make things look perfect, it will be hard for me to go in the not perfect. I don’t know how to explain it. I guess I am kind of a perfectionist and to make an image not so perfect will be hard for me!! Yet I am very eager to start and see how it will come out!

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