Space and brush strokes

So I have been on the lookout for spaces in Montreal. I am going to visit a place tomorrow morning! I really hope it is to my liking and that it fits my exhibit properly. And then I hope I can rent it before 2015!!

In the studio, I am still working on my shadows. I am working on the last flower of the series. The dead one. Then I will start the loop again, but now with shades of blue. That should be nice. Well, to work with another color will feel nice. 

I saw that Gerard Gauci had new works on exhibit @ the Gallerie DeBellefeuille. I really love his work. I am thinking I should try and do that kind of blur for my next series of paintings… I also like his drippings. Feels like an imagined world that could exist but that doesn’t. And that’s what I want to portray in my next series… If you want to see his work, check it out here :

One of my favorite painters is John Singer Sargent. I was thinking of trying to recreate his ambiances, but with more blur than he does it. In the same spirit. Well he’s really good at it. He has the impressionist feeling, but without that little brush stroke. That’s what I would like to achieve. In some way. I’ll see how it goes with my essays. I am already eager to start working on these essays. I have all these ideas I want to try out!

But for now, need to finish that first series. Need to find a space to exhibit.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow morning!

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