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This week in the studio

(La version française suit)

This week was again all about practicing the portrait drawing to prepare for my next  series of paintings. I am also experiencing with black pastel, which I had never used before and charcoal. I am using paintbrushes as tools to fade out the charcoal, that is also a new way of working for me. I like it very much as I find I have more control and I find I can blur more that way. I also received this week a magic tool I had ordered on Amazon and had been waiting for: an eraser as tiny as a pencil! Amazing to work tiny highlights especially in the hair. I’m very happy with it!

Cette semaine j’ai encore pratiqué les portraits pour ma prochaine série de toiles. J’expérimente avec le pastel noir, que je n’avais jamais utilisé auparavant, et le fusain. J’utilise des pinceaux pour les estomper, c’est aussi une nouvelle façon de faire pour moi. J’aime beaucoup, je trouve que ça me donne plus de contrôle et ça donne également un résultat plus velouté. J’ai aussi reçu un outil magique commandé sur Amazon que j’attendais impatiemment: une gomme à effacer pas plus grosse que la mine d’un crayon! Merveilleux, surtout pour travailler les petites zones de lumières et les cheveux.


  1. Do you use a live model, or are these with a photo reference. The quality of light, and fullness of the figure are so impressive! The hair is utterly amazing.


    • Wow, thank you! I use a photo reference. I really don’t draw quickly, so it would mean hours of sitting for a model… I normally use my own photographs, I have more control over the poses and what I am looking for. But for these 2 drawings, I actually used vintage photographs of the same model.

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