Modus Operandi

I made an Instagram post yesterday explaining the reasons and motivations behind Le nouveau Zèbre. If you have not seen it, you can read it here.

Now I have been thinking and this is how I’ll be organizing this magazine.

On Mondays, I’ll publish a post concerning classical music. What I’m listening to, an album I like, or something interesting about a piece or a composer.

Tuesdays will be about poetry or poésie, as I’ll publish these sometimes in French, sometimes in English.

Wednesdays, books and literature. Books I am currently reading or the ones I wish to read.

Thursdays, movie night days. I don’t watch that much TV, so these posts might come only once a month, but they’ll be about a movie I saw and enjoyed, or then again hated.

And finally, Fridays will be the days I present an artist I am jealous of. Dead or alive, I’ll show some of the artist’s work and let you know why I am jealous of it.

I hence intend to publish every week day morning… if I have something to say or share about the subjects mentioned here. I think it is feasible… yes, I think it is a good program.

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