Spiegelbild | Second mouvement | 2019

Spiegelbild, which refers to the reflection of a mirror in German, examines a three-year period in the lives of Robert Schumann and Clara Wieck. Although they were madly in love, Clara’s father disapproved of their relationship and strictly forbade them from seeing each other. Their only means of communicating with each other was therefore through secret correspondence. The content of their correspondence unveils the extent to which music united them and, above all, how their souls were connected and similar, as though they were mirror reflections of one another. Every letter written by the couple has been transcribed by Marie H. Sirois to create a mobile suspended on stage above the two pianos.

Spiegelbild is related to Robert Schumann’s Sonata No. 3 Op. 14 and Fantasy in C major Op. 17. During the performance, Marie H. Sirois and Tristan Longval-Gagné read excerpts from the letters and play both musical pieces on the piano. Clara Wieck’s Romance Op. 11 is also performed. 

This movement aims to bring to light the barriers that intensify desire, the complementarity of artists who share the same passions, the manner in which they become a source of inspiration for each other and in which this influence manifest itself in their respective work.

This movement was exhibited in February 2019.

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“I was blown away by the quality of your joint presentation! It’s a beautiful concept in all aspects. The venue, the mobiles, the leaves and roses scattered on the ground, the placement of both pianos, your readings and renderings. Everything in this performance reached out to me and moved me. The backdrop created by your paintings took me on a poetic journey. Thank you and do carry on this monumental work. It was a magical evening. I will be there for your third movement. You are ‘driven’ by such incredible energy. Bravo as well to Tristan, an inspired pianist with impeccable technique.”

—Francine Payette

“A wonderful evening in the company of Marie-Hélène Sirois, artist and unexpected musician; and outstanding pianist, Tristan Longval-Gagné. An amazing blend of music and painting combined with the presentation of Clara and Robert Schumann’s letters. Thanks to both artists for this original performance. Schumann’s Sonata in 5 movements: crazy and so beautiful.”

—Madeleine Tremblay

“Such a beautiful, moving and intense evening. There was magic in the air, I was captivated by Clara, by this incredible love story that you were able to convey so well through your words, the letters and music. It was magnificent. To hear you play these melodies, which took on a completely different meaning once in context, was truly a great moment. And accompanied by this music, little by little, the paintings became more alive and embodied. This production deserves to be seen: it’s exciting and filled with passion.”

—Pascale Wilhelmy

” We are separated as two stars in the firmament ; one follows the other night and day.”

Robert Schumann